Easily create the fastest route with multiple stops

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Google makes this simple on desktop, but not sure it's even doable on mobile. If it is, its 17 clicks away from the directions screen and I couldn't find it.
@kristofertm So ... where can you do this on Google desktop? I've always wanted it but have never been able to find it.
@kristofertm Yes, where is this on desktop?
@kristofertm @joshdance That's not the same thing. The function you show above allows you to add multiple specific locations. You can't search along the route you've already mapped out. What Sirca does that I've been wanting for a long while is allow you to find things ON YOUR ROUTE. Use Case: I'm heading to a friend's house, but I need to pick up beer on the way. I plot the route between my house and his house. NOW I want the map to show me where I can pick up beer along that route. Example from the Sirca website:
Great idea! What if I reroute, which I do often due to traffic?