Sir WineBot

Personal digital sommelier for your Slack team

Pair wine, food, and film with this hilarious new bot. Search wines, spin the bottle to pick a team member at random, store your favourite wines and share them with your teammates on Slack. A team that drinks wine together dreams together!
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Dmytro Grechko
CEO Deskree
Hi Product Hunt, I’m Dmitry, one of the makers of Sir WineBot, and we are absolutely elated to share our app with you. So many people drink and enjoy wine, but know so little about it. Sir WineBot solves this unfortunate issue with a unique personality and quirky sense of humour. This amusing Slack bot is the perfect tool to brush up on your wine knowledge and get to know your team. With the command /bottle-info you can search for a bottle of wine either from work, home, or at your local purveyor of liquid goodness. With the command /movie-night you can search films by title or genre and Sir WineBot will recommend the perfect type of wine. /Spin-bottle allows you to pick teammates at random, Sir WineBot will tell you who is doing the dishes! /wine-cellar accesses WineBot’s records, you can store your favourite bottles and send them to your team. Let all of our hard work lighten your mood and raise your expectations for potluck dinners at work. Sir WineBot is free and available now! Add him to your team today and find a life long digital friend! Please leave us a comment or review, we look forward to your feedback, PH! Dmitry
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