Sir Ghost

Elite transportation on demand: Rolls-Royce, Maybach, etc.

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When Uber Premium or XL doesn't tickle your fancy enough, request a Rolls-Royce using Sir Ghost. I can see myself using this on a special occasion as a surprise to someone and putting them in shock. I did a fare estimate from UWS to Grand Central and it was $250. Not cheap by any means, but not outrageous either. I spoke to the founder yesterday and they have a fleet of cars (multiple of each) and began as a luxury car service and eventually created an app and platform to more easily service the NY, NJ, & CT area so that it didn't have to be all managed by phone. Pretty smart if you ask me!
@kristofertm that's $75 per mile. That's outrageous. Just rent a car the whole day and it's double.
@mjmcclain It's probably 10x what a cab or Uber would charge. A Rolls-Royce Ghost also happens to be about 10x the price of a typical Uber vehicle ($300K vs $30K). This is not a service for normal folks to use everyday to get to work. It would be a special occasion kind of service for me.
Did you just downlod Ubers style sheets lmao
Very interesting! I can definitely understand but I wonder what is the avg. lifecycle of one of their customers.
Come to LA!!!!
Not in the U.K