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Actionable takeaways from the best non-fiction books, available for everyone, for free! πŸ₯€πŸ“š
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Hii Product hunters 😸 @bsamel and I launched Sipreads six months ago. We want it to be the most useful website for non-fiction book summaries, available for everyone, for free 😼 With Sipreads 2.0, we sipped many more books πŸ“š We made the design much nicer and improved our reading experience 🀩 We hope you like it & find it useful 😽 What's a book you'd like us to sip? πŸ€”
@bsamel @alisalahio wow it's become a massive collection! What process do you use for the summaries? It's cool that the summaries are not written as opinion. I'd like to see the chapter/page number as references for each bit so I could jump into the book for more detail on the bits I like
@bsamel @graeme_fulton Yeah, it's grown quite a bit 🐣 I read the book on my kindle and highlight what I find most useful. Then I re-read the highlighted parts while writing the summary :D
@bsamel @alisalahio I think that's really good to know for a reader on your site - I thought the posts were your own interpretation, so adding how you do it could make it more trustworthy for new readers imo ...would be good if there was an API where you could pull those highlights across and reference, but doubt it
This is an awesome concept and I've received so much benefit from it. Ali and Basile are incredibly talented makers and I'm just so happy to see Sipreads up here!
@matteing Thank you Sergio! <3 You're the most FIRE and supportive maker, like ever πŸ”₯
Sweet! Congrats on the launch!
@zyumbik Thank you, Gleb! πŸ₯³
Looks awesome!
@petecodes Thank you :D Hope you'll like it!
Just subscribed. Love the idea. Question, you have an affiliate link to the books on Amazon (which is very useful!). Could you put a link to an independant book selling org? I'd much rather give my money to small stores over Amazon.
@heather_hughes Thank you for subscribing! We use Amazon for now because it was the easiest way for us to test the viability of affiliate marketing as a business model. We will be experimenting with alternatives soon.