Quickly build React native apps without XCode

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Found this today, really easy to use. Great 5 min tutorial, CLI, and sandbox app. Nice work!
@alex_patow one of the developers here -- thanks Alex, much appreciated :)
@rahrahyah No problem! Could you tell us a bit more about your product?
@alex_patow sure, we think the experience of building native mobile apps is pretty bad right now and we're creating the tool we would have wanted. Siphon is in alpha right now but you can run apps in the iOS sandbox. We aim to release standalone simulator/device support soon, then app publishing (to the App Store) by the end of January. After that, all of the same features will be coming for Android :)
Great job guys! Haven't played much with React Native, but excited to try this out.... Had a question about a statement towards the end of the video, was hoping you could elaborate: "Note that for most changes to your production apps you can push changes to Siphon, and your users will receive the updates over the air; you won't need to go through the app store approval process again." At first glance this seems to contradict item 2.7 of the App Store review guidelines ( "Apps that download code in any way or form will be rejected." What types of changes to production apps do you expect will be able to be made w/o going through the app store approval process again? Thanks!
@rezbrandon Hey Brandon, good question. As only JavaScript code is downloaded over-the-air we adhere to Section 3.3.2 of the iOS Developer Program agreement, which you can find here: We're also aware of production apps currently in the App Store that are doing this with React Native, including our own Siphon Sandbox app. It's possible that Apple might change their mind on this, but so far they've been pretty open minded. For updates to the app binary itself you will still need to go through the approval process. That includes changing your app icon or other metadata, or updating to a new version of React Native. Hope that helps :)
@rahrahyah awesome work, what was the development process like? Have you thought of having a set of 'themes' or already built apps that can be installed by users and then changed? How about an open-source directory of all the apps users build on there?
@bentossell thanks Ben :) This is about three months of work, we tried to get something released as quickly as possible and we'll be rolling out simulator support and publishing functionality ASAP. After that, yes, we're keen to add a set of pre-made app templates (or themes) that users can 'siphon pull' and get started straight away. A directory is another possible approach.
@rahrahyah awesome! Any way that you could do both at the same time? Or even just open up a directory first to save yourselves from building these templates, see what the community bring.
@bentossell even better -- that could be very interesting. You've made us think :)
Great job! This is really impressive and can speed up app development significantly.
Impressive stuff! Almost seems too good to be true (I had a "wait, is this an April Fool's product" moment for a second - haha)