The digital swear jar app

Sinup introduces donating in your lifestyle in a modern way. Pick your reason, a charity, and an amount. Explain why you are donating today and fill your donation with life. No gushy approach, no pressure, just a convenient, personalized way to donate.
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Hey PH, First-time poster here! I'm Mat, one of the co-founders from Sinup. Like the title says, its the first and only swear jar app on the iOS market (to our knowledge). So if you are not familiar with the idea, we help users do a good deed every time they feel like they messed up. All the money donated goes to your choice of a nonprofit. But it's more than just swearing, we all mess up, so it can be cheat days, being lazy, partying too hard. Some 'bad' things we are fine with, but other things we want to improve on. It's a fun, easy, modern way to donate and keep track of your charitable giving! Few things: -Yes, donors get an emailed receipt of their donation. -We are approved to use Apple Pay -You can see what other people are donating for and applaud them! -We are thinking about adding a 'request' feature so you can request your friends to donate whenever they mess up (like always being late on your meetups) 😁 It's only for the iPhone in the US for now but we plan on building out the Android app this year. We'd love to get some feedback about the idea and answer any questions you have 🙏🏼