Know what music people around you are listening to

#5 Product of the DayDecember 25, 2018

We all listen to music, see what people around the world are listening to, add yours and join the party. Lets have fun.

Zahin Alwa
  • Zahin Alwa
    Zahin AlwaSoftware Engineer @AdPushup

    - Lovely Idea

    - Good UI (love the button <3)


    - Location based song share and recommendations

    - Songs are uploaded as audio formats (mp3/mp4) which might lead to content piracy

    I just tested this product and below is my review.

    The idea is brilliant but the product is not functionally complete yet and it does not provide features its tagline says.

    Zahin Alwa has used this product for one day.
The idea is nice Pros Streaming services are gradually becoming a thing in vogue with more technology advancement in the data connection speed, the streaming service companies are going to be strategically placed to take advantage of this Cons Get some music icons to let know when the tracks start playing. Just a suggestion but see if you can incorporate a community kind of blog on it for people to dicusss about the music they posted. As for the piracy issues, just get gout dcma and copyright laws on the footer page of your site, artists that find your content in breach of their intellectual property can always write you for take downs on their records. Curating each track before aproving it for public view can also be a means to checkmate the licensing issues.
@mr_oyakhilome A good bunch of ideas! Thank you for your points. @ojukwu_chibs I think these ideas also make a lot of sense for your product. Please see if you would implement the same.
Do not listen to your music alone, share it, let others join in the fun.
@ojukwu_chibs I rarely listen to a single song. But a playlist. Option to share playlist could make sense. Also, why will a person share a song which he/she purchased? Will it lead to piracy? Not much details available on website.
@ojukwu_chibs @arjit_raj Totally agree with your points here Arjit.
@arjit_raj @zahinize Thanks for your reply, ill work on sharing a playlist, I actually built this for people to share their music and voice, I never expected people to upload purchased music, i'm working on this right now, the issue will be resolved soon. Thank you for your thumbsup.
@arjit_raj I just added the playlist share, please tell me what you think about it and what I can add, thankyou