Single Clock

Set reminders, forget time zones!

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Lisa Dziuba@lisadziuba · Founder
How can it be synchronized with Google Calendar or task-management tools, like Asana? When I need set up a reminder I put an event in Google Calendar, which can remind me 30 min before the event or earlier.
Alvin VargheseHunter@deleted-115144 · Co-Founder at try! Swift Labs
@lisadziuba That's a great idea, didn't think of it. I will look into adding reminders to other task-management tools.
Alvin VargheseHunter@deleted-115144 · Co-Founder at try! Swift Labs
Hey PH, Alvin Varghese from try! Swift Labs here. Single Clock is iPhone App, which helps you set reminders in any time zone in the world. A user can manually choose time zone and set a reminder. The App will notify the user on right time in your current timezone.  Example: Think that you have to wish your grandma birthday, but she is in London but you are in San Fransico. It's really hard for you to set a reminder in a different time zone, using this App, you can set alarm in London time zone, and you will get the notification on your mobile in your current time zone on the right time in London. Check out the screenshots, you will get a clear idea about it. We would love to get some feedback and I am happy to answer your questions!
Saif Al Falah@saifalfalah · JavaScript Developer
Any plans for an Android version?
Alvin VargheseHunter@deleted-115144 · Co-Founder at try! Swift Labs
@saifalfalah Soon, we are working on it!
Rafal Sztwiorok@sztwiorok
looking nice. I have to try it
Manish Malik@dotmanish · Technology Products. Mostly.
Great. Question about pricing: Why $0.99?