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Elena Krasnoperova
Elena KrasnoperovaMaker@e_krasnoperova · Co-founder, Calroo family organizer app
Thanks for the nomination, Lyle! We're very excited about our new company name, and the expanded scope of our platform. The name change reflects our customers' usage of the product. While our initial application, SchoolCircle, was built primarily for use in the classrooms to help facilitate teacher-parent communication, parents increasingly started using it for other types of groups beyond the classroom: scouts, PTAs, sport teams, after-school activities and informal groups of families and friends. So we followed our users' lead and explicitly enabled creation of these new types of circles and broadened our name. Today we also announced that we had acquired four companies in the online group management space: Jooners (a service for creating free signup sheets online), Just Between Friends (a communication platform used by PTAs and scout groups), Qlubb (an online group management application for sports teams, scout troops and other types of clubs), and Causera (a fundraising platform for PTAs and other nonprofits). We are very excited to welcome the customers of these popular platforms to the SimplyCircle family!
Lyle McKeany
Lyle McKeanyHunter@lylemckeany · growth marketer
This was called SchoolCircle, which I hunted previously. They recently pivoted and rebranded the product to SimplyCircle. Looks like they have a really solid team too. Hopefully we can get @e_krasnoperova in the conversation to explain their thought process.