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As an agency we get plenty of offers, but with only 24 hours in a day we can't take them all on. We've received countless offers to build product and business websites but just didn't have the time. So we thought to ourselves, why not create a product that enabled its users to easily create a website? That's when SimplyBuilt came into play. Instead of us trying to fulfill the need one site at a time, we thought it would be much more efficient if we created a product that made it super simple for anyone to build a beautiful and responsive website they wanted at anytime and from anywhere.
Let's see if @dnerris can jump in and answer some questions.
Good morning everyone, how can I help?
@dnerris Howdy Demetri, Looks like you guys are an agency.. tell us about how you guys decided to build this?
@BlendahTom quick fun fact, we actually built using SimplyBuilt.
@dnerris Hey Demetri, While we loved the idea of Simplybuilt and upvoted you guys in July itself, we finally got around to building our landing page/coming soon on Simplybuilt this week. It was an awesome experience. We are a 2 person startup, just getting going and wanted to replace our "logo dump" website with something nicer. Thanks again for this!
@kartikparija no problem! All of us here at SimplyBuilt wish you nothing but the best in your new venture. Feel free to tweet us with your new SimplyBuilt site when it's up so we can check it out and post about it too! Twitters: @dnerris, @SimplyBuilt
@dnerris Thanks so much for the good wishes. We will take any amount of those. We are now looking to figure out usual messy came stuff to point our existing domain to the simplybuilt site we built. In the meantime, may I be cheap (usual excuse - startup :)) enough to ask for a special offer/code if you are giving any out. We saw a field for that when we clicked on the upgrade. Thanks again
Feel free to tweet us your questions too @SimplyBuilt We will answer them here as well!
@dnerris Have you found a trend in the type of businesses that are using your platform?
@BlendahTom Excellent question. We are at the tail end of our beta and have gathered some great insight on what types of businesses are liking the platform, but it's still too early to tell if a significant trend has emerged.