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Hey guys, I’m the CEO/ Co-founder of Simply Wall St. The beta version of our web app was actually featured on PH at the end of 2014 and we just launched our iOS and Android mobile app. For anyone that remembers checking us out back then, a lot has changed but the core value remains the same – trying to help our users become better investors by helping them make informed long term non-emotional decisions. From a feature perspective the biggest updates are user Portfolio analysis/ infographics and the ability create filtered ‘Grid views’ of Snowflakes. We do also now charge for unlimited use of the web version. The mobile app is a free, simplified version of the Simply Wall St web platform. It all revolves around discovering great long-term investment opportunities and building Portfolios around those ideas. Happy to answer any questions about the new app or the business!
Love their content on Stocktwits! Will check out the app today :)
Hi Al - Good job. Dig the UI. The one thing which may be cool would be to have a slider to show the change of over time.
@quadten Yes! We already have the data for this so it's on the list :)
this looks great!