Simply Piano

Fast and fun way to learn piano

#1 Product of the WeekSeptember 02, 2015

Simply piano is a fast and fun way to learn piano. Using our acoustic engine, the app listens to how you play, giving you real-time feedback

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@benIn thanks for hunting us! Co-founder of JoyTunes here. The idea for Simply Piano came about to make music learning much more accessible. We're removing barriers for EVERYONE to fulfill their creative aspirations. For the first time ever there will be an app for anyone to learn the piano basics on their own and succeed, for free. Using our acoustic engine, the app listens to how you play, giving you real-time feedback to quickly learn and improve your skills. Think about it as the Duolingo for learning music. While many(!) things are obviously missing from the first release, it's a huge leap in an otherwise traditional industry. Shout out to the awesome team that made it all possible, including @theyonibomber @flatgirl78 @litalhassine @alonkaplan @yanivhefetz @matan_eilat @psukimmtzaytzim @yigkaminka @slidaplus @MyaAchidov Looking forward to hearing what you think about Simply Piano!
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@yuvalkaminka Hey, this is awesome! Any recommendations on a cheap MIDI keyboard? I'd love to learn.
@abityastunggal Xkey's portable keyboard is a really good option, but of course the product works with any piano or keyboard :)
@theyonibomber Thanks for the quick reply and recommendation! I'll have to try find myself a little keyboard soon. Have a great day!
@yuvalkaminka fantastic! Will get all my kids on it. Congrats Yuval and team on another winner!
I have been a daily active user for Piano Master, Joytunes' last app, since I got it a month ago. It is one of the best apps I have ever used on my iPad. I once lost a start up competition to these guys. They totally deserved it. Amazing product, amazing team.
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@madcapslaugh wow man, I brought in all the team to read this... thanks!
Awesome stuff. Congrats on the launch, guys! I've always wanted to learn how to play the Piano but that always felt that it was hard to teach yourself (much harder than the guitar, for example). I'll have to dust off my old keyboard and give this a shot!
@omri_aloni thanks. That's exactly the point. Try it out and tell me what you think
Definitely going to give this a try- I love how it gives real time feedback.
@itamarw totally worth the investment. I learned Swan Lake, I am working on the Entertainer and the Super Mario Theme now
Love it!