Simply.Digital - Goals & Tasks

Todo list to track your time & help set meaningful deadlines

Organize your tasks into color-coordinated Goals (basically categories) and have the time you spend automatically added up both for reflecting on the past and seeing how booked you are looking forward. Scheduling works more like a paper planner, where you can jot things down for a specific date as well as weeks, months, or even just 2017.


  • Pros: 

    The scheduling that leaves a bit of flexibility.


    I would really like a web app =)

    I've tried a lot of task managers, but kept going back to paper. This one finally works the way I think. I haven't seen anything else that does scheduling this way.

    Kelly I. Williams has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    Keeping work and personal tasks together but not mixed up.


    Missing a few features I would like.

    I work for myself and keeping strict 9-5 to manage boundaries *sounds* good but it's not practical. It also kinda defeats the purpose of being self employed (the flexibility). I've been really pleasantly surprised how well this app works for tracking all the things that I have to do. And even helping align time-spent with priorities. Its obvious right away if I'm spending too much time on any one thing... or not actually getting much done.

    London has used this product for one month.


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Kaitlyn HanrahanMaker@kaitlynhanrahan · Simply.Digital
Helloooo Product Hunt! 👋 When I started working for myself, I also started struggling with productivity. When 1000 things should be done by the end of the week, but nothing absolutely needs to be done today… it’s very difficult to work hard. So I made a todo list app to that can zoom out on long term plans and motivate me to meet my goals. It tracks my time and tells me how much I’ve gotten done as well as how booked I am looking forward. And here it is! People seem to like the automatic goal tracking and the color coding. But what makes Simply Goals & Tasks the most *different* from all the other options out there is how the scheduling works. It’s more like a paper planner, where you can schedule for any year, month, week, day or exact time. When you are forced to pick a date for each task you think of, you end up putting most of them into “today” or “tomorrow”. This can bury the things that actually need to be done today. It also leads to added overhead, as you are constantly postponing tasks into the next day. The typical use case would be adding tasks to this week or next week or even this month or year as you think of them. Then when the week starts, you know your schedule much better and can drag the tasks into the days that make sense. Now you have a real plan to get everything done. By not adding granularity until necessary, it makes it more meaningful. You know all the tasks on your list for today are there for a reason. I would love any feedback and am happy to answer questions 🙏
Adam Brandeis@adam_brandeis · Technology Multi-hat
Must haves: iOS and web version
Kaitlyn HanrahanMaker@kaitlynhanrahan · Simply.Digital
@adam_brandeis thanks for commenting. That's definitely the idea. Just starting out with Android since that's what I use 😊
Kaitlyn HanrahanMaker@kaitlynhanrahan · Simply.Digital
They're has been a fair amount of feedback given via email and web-contact-form that I thought I could address here. Almost universally the feedback has been asking for "more" -- an iOS version, web app, API, Windows Phone version. Which is the best feedback a newly-launched-app could hope for! 🙏 I thought I might say a little about Simply Goals & Tasks' rough road map going forward. I figure it's better to be a great app for a few people than an OK app for lots of people. So in terms of adding platforms, priority right now is for the Web App because that will also be useful for current users. Then, to be very blunt, as soon as there is enough money to bring in an iOS developer. I see puting your to do list into an app as a great trust. I'm not going to break that trust by spending money I don't have. This app is not going anywhere. Today is literally the very first day that any effort has been put into promoting the app. And there are already a fair amount of users, even some paid Premium ones. So I do believe it's just a matter of time. Hopefully not too much time 😉 New features (both cool big ones like calendar integration and less sexy ones like managing the user's account better) will keep coming. This is what matters most to current users, and like I said, being awesome for them is the top priority even over growth. Repeating tasks will be released very very soon. And custom themes for Premium users shortly after. Cheers ❤
AbadesiHiring@abadesi · 👩🏽‍💻 Product Hunt | Hustle Crew | NTT
@kaitlynhanrahan I love how you've visualised how time is spent, I find tracking time is such a helpful way to be accountable to my goals and cut bad habits. So sad I'm not on Android so will have to wait for iOS 😞
Kaitlyn HanrahanMaker@kaitlynhanrahan · Simply.Digital
@abadesi Thanks so much!! Well said! The process of setting goals and deciding how you want to spend your time is really valuable. But the problem is we tend to put the paper in a drawer and continue to go about our lives the same as before the exercise. This tries to keep it all together =D
Jeff Osborn@jeff_osborn · Owner, work/ethic
Thank you for sharing and making @kaitlynhanrahan! Always excited to try out another to do list/productivity solution. Many have come close and I'm still searching for the perfect match!
Kaitlyn HanrahanMaker@kaitlynhanrahan · Simply.Digital
@jeff_osborn I can obviously relate! I went so crazy on it that I built my own 😂 I'm always especially interested in hearing the thoughts of people who have tried more apps, who get really into optimizing their time. Please email me when you've had a look!