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@2y4u_, thanks for posting Simplify here! I'm a designer at Semibold Mammoth, so I designed Simplify for Mac (and iOS), and @dinqe is a man who developed all that stuff. Feel free to ask us any questions, we'd be happy to answer them.
@2y4u_ @dinqe @bbsody Would love the ability to submit thumb up/down for the various apps where needed.
I was waiting for something like this. Great app.
Might this ever get extended to web-based radio sites like Songza?
Sweet! Would love if this supported 8tracks as well!
Anyone tried with SoundCloud? How reliable is it? I'd pay for that alone..
@mbesto, hi! You may control SoundCloud opened in Apple Safari or Google Chrome browsers via Simplify. If you'll experience problems with Chrome extension, try enabling the option “Allow insecure WebSocket from https origin” in chrome://flags and restart Chrome afterwards.