Simplified JavaScript Jargon

Community-driven explanation of JavaScript buzz words

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Navid Mirzaie Milani
Navid Mirzaie Milani@navidmirzaie · Front-end developer
nice small reference with examples great tool.
EGÖlST✡@shomin_sample · Maker of the shits.
Wow, damn cool, great references 😬
Alex Kaul
Alex KaulHunter@alex_kaul · Researcher & Maker
Yeah, really awesome guide 🚀
billy smartt
billy smartt@bsmartt13 · Detection engineer @ CrowdStrike
Is there anything like this for the rest of programming? Just a buzzword list where I can learn about buzzwords and how hot they are? Google trends?
Sam Doshi
Sam Doshi@samir_doshi · Co Founder @
making javascript easier for the rest of us --- saintly task!