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Our individual ways of going through the day makes it a real challenge for digital calendars to provide us a good format. I think a few providers do it well but rarely to such standard that it actually makes the day a little bit easier and more enjoyable. Simpliday does a very good job putting you in such “productivity zone” by combining meetings, reminders and email all-in-one calendar. The intuitive co-existence of these activities helps you escape “app-hopping” and to work with a daily overview that doesn’t feel crammed. Together with the option to add a nice background this is definitely the first beautiful calendar I’ve seen. Worth pointing out is the “drag-‘n-dropping” of reminders and meetings for quick planning, and the “action-swipe” to quickly convert emails into reminders which is a nice touch. Would be great to hear more from @JohanGunnars and @sebastian_otr about the story behind this and the journey ahead.
@jasondainter Thanks Jason! :) Our journey started two years ago when my co-founder @sebastian_otr and myself met at a meeting. We immediately knew we neeed to do stuff together, the question was what? The first behavior we identified that we had in common was that we both had a tradition of putting todos/reminders in our calendars. Why? It gave us the best overview of our days to have meetings and todos/reminders side-by-side - it made sure less got missed and a feeling of being "on top of things". But the old calendar isn't built for that, so we decided that our mission was to build a new calendar for the everyday hero. Who's that you ask - it's someone who strives, trying to make ends meet and juggling family, work and friend commitments throughout the day. Most likely someone like you. This is some of the new stuff we bring to the calendar; - A beautiful day. Put a nice picture in the background of your day - no more gray solids. - Everything changes...all the time. Drag-'n-drop any todo/reminder or meeting to where you want it. In 2 seconds you can drag-'n-drop a todo/reminder from the timeline and put in on hold for later. - Invites that matter. Send beautiful invitations with pictures for your dinner/party/baby shower. Also, do it through SMS/text, facebook or email. - Todos/reminders in your Mac desktop/laptop calendar...no really...we did a hack :) I'll stop before I become boring, but please try out the app - I'm sure a lot of you will like it. AND - if you have ideas of what you are missing in your current calendar, please write it below and we will take a good look at it. We take calendaring seriously...but it needs to feel great too, not just be productive. Best, Johan
Sounds really interesting. I will be waiting for Android version!
@antonskyba Thanks Anton! Android is coming for sure - beginning next year! What are you missing in todays calendars?
@johangunnars - Love the interface, any plans to release android version of "Simpliday" ??? I'd love to test it out...good luck..
@raminjpr Hi Ram, thanks for the kind words! Absolutely got plans for Android - will be available beginning of next year. Please excuse the waiting time, but we want to make sure it's awesome :)
What calendar services does it sync with?
@silasdunham Hi Silas, we're using CalDav so it will sync with the calendars already on your phone. Which one are you currently using?
@simon_olsson I use Google Calendars for the most part.
@silasdunham Would be great to have you as a beta tester, send me an email at simon@simpliday.com if you're interested.
I'd love to give it a try but it's not available on the Turkish app store 😔
@ykguler Hi Yigitcan! As soon as we are ready we will launch in Turkey. Thanks for your cheering and patience. What would you've liked to see in your current calendar?
@ykguler Send me an email at simon@simpliday.com if you still want to try it out Yigitcan. I would be happy to set you up for our beta version.