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Nice design, but seems a really complex way to make a cup of coffee. I'd expect the flavour to be similar to a good pour-over, which is zero hassle. I also must say that whenever I see a video over-emphasizing the problems it wants to solve, I do get turned off - cleaning a French press, and brewing with a French press, is one of the easiest ways out there to make decent coffee. You can't convince me otherwise by some dude wringing his hands over a sink. That kind of stuff might work for the shopping channel, but here?
@andreasduess thanks for your comment! The video clip was meant to be funny and we did cut out a part that said that was an exaggeration! :-) The flavor is mix between a French press with the full body but with the smoothness of a pour-over (more complex brew; optional paper filter for an even cleaner cup). In terms of brewing, it's quite simple to make multiple cups and brews in 2-3 minutes using fine to medium grinds. Cleanup is definitely easier, and brewing at 4 coffee events within the past year (even winning a New Product Award at Portland)... we've heard from quite a few people and cafes that stopped using the French press bc of either 1) the mess 2) the grit! We hope to make it just a bit more beautiful - the overall press experience! Cheers and thanks again!
This is cool! I love coffee but I'm new to the French press. What inspired you guys to create this?
Looks like a great product. I'm glad I got in on the Kickstarter and can't wait to try out Simpli Press!
It looks beautiful but this is the story: I drink coffee 3 times a day in one my conventional (but high quality) French press and no mess, no grit, good flavour, easy too use, etc. Sorry, but this looks like just another French press just a bit more sophisticated, note enough to convince coffee lovers unfortunately. But the people who love product hunt and have never seen a French press are a very good target! Good luck.
@juanmaespana Hi Juan! We love French press users since we were one too! We've gone to many large coffee events (even winning a New Product Award at Portland judged by coffee experts and snobs)! One of our favorite is to see French press lovers doubt the product then taste the difference...then convert! We wish we can give you a taste test to convert you! Cheers to being a French press user!
I really hate companies that offer a huge initial discount at Kickstarter and then a very minimal discount to final price - this gives no incentive to risk and pre-order instead of waiting, seeing if they deliver and what, and then order usually at the same price as no serious online retailer sells at the suggested retail price (unless it's an Apple product)! I'd preorder at $49-59, but not at $69, sorry!