Simpli is aiming to make being productive slightly easier and more enjoyable. For now, it's an iOS app that brings in one place email accounts, calendars, notes, lists and files, with custom tags across all data and a simple, friendly design. More coming up, always work in progress :)

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You just reinvent the wheel . nothing else.
@kangland Every product/idea has to start somewhere :)
this market is incredibly competitive and hard to monetize. I would focus more on one thing it does the best (see what your users love the most), and make sure there are 0 bugs, as other solutions without bugs exist. Charging money here is very hard here by the way, how do you plan to monetize?
@nomadiceli thx for the notes and fully agree. we plan a subscription option once we get emails in better shape and add exchange. Emails and lists are most used (unsurprisingly, still biggest painpoints for most of us still)
I like the visual tracking part! Email and calendar part is giving errors.
@dries_van_der_kleij yes, I'm getting errors adding email accounts. Otherwise I like the concept. Just need it to be reliable
@dries_van_der_kleij Sorry you encountered errors, we had a huge spike in users due to PH (a lot more than expected). All good now with email & sync. Also, thanks for the appreciations on the visuals :)
@dovbreuer Hey Dov, you can give Simpli another go (no more errors!)