the easiest way to get a parallax effect with javascript

Simple and tiny JavaScript library which adds parallax animations on any images.

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4 Reviews5.0/5
Did anybody else not get a parallax effect on their page?
hi @joshuapinter, can you be more precise? :) I am not sure to get what you mean? is this a bug?
@geoffrey_signorato You know what. I checked it again and the parallax is so subtle that I missed it the first time. My bad.
Thanks a lot @thedaviddias1 I am so excited to introduce this JS plugin. I hope it will make developer's life easier about making cool parallax effects on images in a very efficient and fast way. I am also relying on community to have feedback and to keep improving this plugin. Thanks again.

Very good plugin super easy to use.


simple, easy and nice features


more settings?

Nicely made.


Very simple, not confusing to set up


More options for next version