Add decentralized auth and storage to your app in 10 minutes

#4 Product of the DayAugust 21, 2019
Give your users the best decentralized authentication and storage experience on the market with access to multiple Web 3.0 protocols. And do it all in under 10 minutes. With a RESTful API and developer SDKs, SimpleID makes Web 3.0 easy.
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Hey Product Hunters! SimpleID started as a project that was intended to be built into Graphite, a decentralized productivity suite built on Blockstack, and Referenda, a new political tool being built on top of multiple Web 3.0 protocols. However, as we worked on SimpleID, we realized how useful this type of tooling could be to developers everywhere. SimpleID started as a tool to make onboarding new users to our Blockstack-based apps easier, but it has grown into a full developer suite. SimpleID provides a simple user experience and convenient implementation for developers. Out of the box, developers get access to Blockstack, Ethereum, and IPFS. For IPFS content pinning, we provide support through Pinata. And for IPFS mobile development, we have a soon-to-be launched Textile implementation. That all being said, SimpleID is not just for decentralized app developers. SimpleID can be dropped into any application and will give the developer an instant authentication solution. Rather than spending hours with open source libraries and social login, a developer can drop SimpleID into their app in a matter of minutes. And there are no language restrictions. The SDK is written in JavaScript, but we have a RESTful API that supports any language a developer is building. We've seen first hand how hard it is to get user adoption in the decentralized web space, and we've seen how hard it is to manage authentication in traditional applications. Forget seed phrases and browser extensions just to use apps. Forget managing your own database of passwords just to implement authentication. SimpleID takes care of all these problems and more. We hope you'll take a look and sign up. It's free to get started!
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@jehunter5811 this is dope, congrats to you and @rabhaav on the launch!
@rabhaav @adambreckler thanks so much, Adam! Your support means a ton!
@jehunter5811 @adambreckler appreciate it Adam!
Been following graphite, blockstack, & stealthy for awhile. It's amazing to see so much progress and growth towards the decentralized web. As a blockstack dev, I'm highly considering using this flow instead. One of the most user friendly decentralized log in system I've seen.
@cycryptr Thanks! Can't wait to see what you build :)
@cycryptr Thanks for the kind words! As a Blockstack dev, you'll be happy to know that Blockstack auth and storage modules are part of SimpleID's free plan :)
Congratulation for the launch 👍
@walterion1 thanks so much! I hope you’ll check it out for the Arcane Office suite whenever the time feels right. I sincerely think it will help with adoption.
Authentication in web3.0 has and still is an issue today. Metamask, public addresses, and complicated authentication flows is a huge deterrent to adoption. The easy UI flow by just adding your username, email, and password brings familiarity and comfort to the user which I love! You mention no need for seed phrases. Would it be possible for more advanced users to opt in to get that option?
@techrally We e-mail you the encrypted mnemonic and you can very easily decrypt that with AES + password to reveal your 12 word keypharse to use in other places 👍
@techrally We will likely build tools that let more technical users decrypt the encrypted seed phrase locally on their computer outside of the SimpleID flow. Then, they can use that seed phrase in other systems.
We've been struggling to onboard people into Trove just because "signing up" with Blockstack auth is such a hassle. Exciting to see this, Congratulations! Suggestion: The horizontal scrolling in the website is a turn off. Make it simple?
@prashishh Thanks for the kind words! As for the horizontal scrolling, are you referring to the marketing site or the demo app? Trying to make sure we fix that, but want to know exactly where you're seeing this.
@prashishh Also, do you have a link to Trove? Would love to check it out. And definitely come give SimpleID a shot to see if that improves the experience. I'm certain it will.
@prashishh Thanks for the feedback! Reach out to us at and let's see how we can help Trove!
@jehunter5811 I was referring to the marketing site. The four dots on the right, the scrolling is kinda weird. Yes, we'll definitely explore SimpleID further. Trove: :)
@jehunter5811 @prashishh FYI, fixed that issue on the marketing website now :)