Collect payments without writing code (Stripe)

SimpleFunnel lets you collect payments on your site and deliver your product without writing code.
Build & customize beautiful checkout popups and send an email immediately after the user completes the purchase.
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While trying to build multiple products to find a good product market fit, I needed one thing they all had in common, collecting payments and sending an email after the purchase. I couldn't find a good solution so decided to build one for myself. Collecting payments on your site is hard, This fixes it. This is for all the makers and entrepreneurs who are starting online businesses and don't want to deal with the complications building payments into their site and sending transactional emails. All of this without writing code! Do you find this useful? How would you use this? Please let us know your feedback!
Good product, but "Get Started - It's Free" is confusing. When you use the " - " after " Get Started " you are stating that your product it's free. You should use a coma or just write " Get Started " to avoid confusion. Just my opinion.
@michael_andreuzza Thanks for your feedback. We took some inspiration from they have that on their CTAs and are pretty popular, also following the same model. We wanted to communicate that its free to get started, but we'll see if we can change it if people get confused appreciate it!
@naman_kamra well, and who is Webflow? Their size is not because of a CTA. Godaddy, has an awfull UX and look at them. Good luck !
@naman_kamra @michael_andreuzza hard disagree on this. Their ability to convert is definitely related to their size today
@naman_kamra @jmitch many are involved, I am.sure is not just a CTA.
Hi @naman_kamra , SimpleFunnel looks great, do you tkink that I can use it with ? As Bubble allow simple code into header's page, I'll might put your snippet in it ?
@robin_bdru Yes absolutely! Thats our primary audience, people building sites with no-code tools and want to accept payments on them. It works with any website builder or landing page builder
@naman_kamra Alright, I'll try it since I need a "Stripe Connect" alike for a no-code marketplace made with Bubble (multiple vendors paying a fee for each sale). Stripe requirements aren't the same for us in Europe, and my point is that it's more difficult to use it. Thanks !
@robin_bdru Amazing, feel free to reach out if you're having issues or just want to provide feedback.
Great idea! wish luck to the creators
@naman_kamra Looks good, but how does it differ from existing products as Gumroad?
@jorritb Hi Jorrit, couple of ways 1. Gumroad charges 5% per transaction, we take a monthly fee. 2. We focus on making sure your UI consistent with your website 3. While Gumroad allows for popups, their main focus is to bring users to the Gumroad site for checkout, our focus is to retain the user on seller's site. And honestly i built this for myself, mainly because i found Gumroad really ugly.