Explain Yourself. Visually.

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I am a @balsamiq user, how is this better?
Hi @bogomep. I love @balsamiq. They've consistently done great things over the years. I wouldn't really compare my app to theirs. Balsamiq focuses on user interface mockups, which tends to involve more domain-specific controls and requires more complex application functionality. SimpleDiagrams is more for generalized visualizations like workflows, diagrams, value stream mapping, etc. I guess a similarity would be the hand-drawn look, something I try to keep consistent across all the libraries made available in the app and online (
.... and how do I remove the huge and ugly "trial period" bubble of my small screen?
A desktop app for creating fast, clear sketches of problems, processes, workflows, ideas and more. A really simple alternative to Balsamiq.
@bogomep Seems to be back up now. /Product Hunt Hug of Death
Hi. Hey thanks for posting SimpleD, Charlie. I've been kind of slowly working on the app for a couple years, just reaching version 3.2 now and I'm really happy with how far the app has come. The idea behind SimpleDiagrams is to give people a way to get their thoughts into visualizations quickly and efficiently. So I've tried to keep the UI clean and simple.