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PH community, we're excited to share this with you today. SimpleBusiness is the culmination of over a year of work collecting feedback on the business services that drive small businesses, freelancers, and entrepreneurs. We then went out and created partnerships with those brands so our members can get the best rates possible through our platform. I outlined some of the categories and percentage discounts below. Happy to connect anyone with our membership team to learn more about specific brand deals/discounts. The cost of membership is $200, but for the next 2 weeks anyone who mentions that they saw us on Product Hunt to our team will get 50% off their membership ($100 annually). Email me at if you'd like to chat more. - up to 60% off hotels and car rentals - up to 38% savings on office supplies, printing and office furniture - up to 10% off on name brand computers and hardware - up to 15% off on PEOs - over 20% off corporate wireless provider plans - up to 40% off on shipping and fulfillment services - up to 15% off on marketing tools and services - guaranteed best pricing on payroll services - guaranteed best pricing on payment processing - discounted rates and access to a global network of workspaces, airport lounges and co-working locations - access to discounts on loan origination fees - access to affordable small group health insurance plans
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New product by @ryanpaugh - get discounts for your busienss through collective buying