Simple Tuner

Find the pitch of a note. Fast and Clutter-free.

Just simply a tuner or a note pitch finder. Tune your instrument instantly with your phone or Wear OS smartwatch. No ads, no unnecessary elements, just straightforward tuning.

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Joseph Goh
Student, Problem Solver
Hello Product Hunt! As a musician, a tuning app or device is an essential tool to find the pitch of a note or to (pardon the pun) simply tune an instrument. However, I have found that the tuning apps on Google Play are either filled with popup ads or designed with an unpleasant user interface. So I took it upon myself to create an app that has none of the cravats. I hope that Simple Tuner will help musicians spend more time on playing music, instead of fiddling around with other tuning apps. Thanks! ๐Ÿ˜Š Joseph