Simple Token

Launch your own branded crypto token without the ICO drama.

Use Simple Token to launch your own branded crypto currency without the risk and technical costs of going it alone.

Simple Token “ST” is a utility token that enables any company to create, launch, and manage their own branded digital token economy, powered by Simple Token protocols and software.

The OpenST protocol is open-sourced on Github.

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Simple Token is a utility token enabling any company to create, launch & manage their own branded digital token economy. Basically it allows communities to create a token and build it into their ecosystem without having an entire blockchain team. A super impressive team behind this also. Maybe @betashop & team can tell us a bit more about this?
Thanks @jasondainter for hunting @thesimpletoken on Product Hunt. Awesome to be here! Simple Token “ST” is a utility token that enables any company to create, launch, and manage their own branded digital token economy, powered by Simple Token protocols and software. It allows companies and communities to create a crypto-token and build it into their ecosystem without the technical, legal, and regulatory risks involved with going it alone. We’re bringing crypto to mainstream. The OpenST protocol is live and available today for use. We are investing in an ecosystem of developers and apps to build on OpenST to help any company simply launch and manage their own branded token economy. The OpenST protocol enables companies to stake Simple Tokens against their own Branded Tokens, minted on open scaleable side blockchains, in a cryptographically auditable manner. The Simple Token SaaS platform gives companies the tools to manage, customize, monitor, and analyze their token economy. View the entire 64 page project deck Docs: whitepapers and sidepapers: Video: 90 second explainer video Video: Simple Token presents at the IMMUTABLE conference in Hong Kong Super active Telegram channel --> Founders in there 24/7 The business and technical challenge the Simple Token team set out to solve is to enable mainstream businesses to benefit from deploying their own branded crypto-backed token economies, without the legal, regulatory, and technology headaches involved with going it alone. This will enable them to monetize user contributions and content, power peer-to-peer transaction, provide meaningful incentives and rewards, develop transparent loyalty programs, and unleash thousands of new monetization and supply & demand possibilities. The OpenST protocol is usable today, open sourced and the first end-to-end integration has been completed within the Pepo app on side-blockchains. The Simple Token team consists of 30+ software developers with strong backgrounds in Blockchain and consumer internet. Three of the founders, Jason Goldberg & Nishith Shah & Sunil Khedar were the product/technical founders behind Social Median,, and The technical lead on Simple Token was the lead developer of hyperledger burrow and the entire Berlin team from Monax joined in. Perkins Coie, KWM, PWC, Smith & Crown, Kenetic, are partners on the project. Early equity backers include Tencent and Greycroft.
@jasondainter @thesimpletoken @betashop Congrats on the launch, reading your deck now!
@jasondainter @thesimpletoken @kevinrose Thanks Kevin and great to hear from you kind sir!
Early Access whitelisting for the ST token sale is now underway! only at Only people on the Early Access whitelist can purchase on November 14th. The general public must wait until the November 15th to purchase, if token supplies last. We're minting 800,000,000 ST in the token sale, selling 30% with a hard cap of $20M. Read the full sale data sheet here: Nearly 30% of the token supply is reserved for our Network Accelerator program to seed promising developer-driven projects and Companies building on OpenST. We announced the first 4 Member Companies earlier this week, with more to announce next week, and a pipeline of more than 50 companies already inquiring about our developer grants and launching branded tokens powered by Simple Tokens. Use this link to register --> DO NOT FOLLOW ANY OTHER LINK FROM ANYONE ELSE WHO IS NOT AN ADMIN IN THIS CHANNEL. We're live in Telegram 24/7 to answer questions. Live chat is available on the site. Sale Details & Registration guide: Earn your 10% community bonus:
I'm super excited and impressed what our team has already achieved! This is phenomenal, I am grateful to be a part of our impressive collective.

XAIN is aiming to explore tokenizing different applications in its main industry sectors: automotive, IoT and healthcare. We will help Simple Token and the OpenST protocol to further develop its specifications.


Simple Token aims to empower consumer apps with tokenization by gapping the hurdles cryptoeconomics and cryptocurrencies present.


Mainstream adoption of dapps could potentially compete with Simple Token, but Simple Token could also accelerate this adoption.