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I am behind this Daily Planner / Todo App. You may wonder, No.. not another Todo App. There are thousands of them. And that is right!. There are thousands of Todo Apps. But I found them either too complex (for the un-nerd in me) or not aligned with my philosophy. I needed an app that 1. Encouraged good work habits. Primarily it means that we start each day with a clean slate, that we should be intentional with what we work on each day, and we should spend some time planning it out. 2. Showed me what I had started but not yet finished, to emphasize completing tasks as opposed to just starting them. 3. Gave feedback into all the tasks that I had completed. I believe that seeing what you have done energizes you. 4. Provided me with a calendar view of what I did on a given day, so that I can reflect upon and learn from the usage of my time. 5. Gave me visibility about how rigorously I worked on a given task, and how long it sat in a limbo. I had used task systems such as Asana, Trello and Todoist before. They are great for a lot of people. Perhaps that are good in corporate setting working in large teams, where accountability to others is important. But for me, they came with an overhead that I could not justify each day. The way the app differentiates itself from others in its philosophy: No Frills. Build Good Work Habits. Get Work Done. Be better. It's FREE for personal use. Just sign in with your Google Account.
Didn't find links to stores. It's only web or you have apps for iOS/Android too?
@oleg_avrah Thanks for your inquiry. At this point it is only web. The web app does install as an launchable web app on iphone and because its responsive, it works. The screenshots i have posted are from the mobile safari. This was something I built to scratch my back and wanted to share with a broader community!. Hopefully, I would have some bandwidth soon to invest in an android / iphone app.
Hey there! You have a typo on your front page. Where you say "Why SimpleToDoApp?" you're missing the second "o" in "ToDo". I like your explanation of why this is different than other apps, I'm interested to try it out. Thanks!
@xtoq Thanks @smokie. I appreciate the heads up.