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@bramk Thanks, again, for putting this on the front page :-)

The story behind the site is actually kind of funny. I originally created these sharing buttons as an HTML template:

Eventually I decided to turn it into an automated tool, mainly for my own use (and also as a part of my portfolio back when I was getting into web development). The page still lives at -- note that I literally just removed a redirect to the current website and I'm not really sure it will work correctly.

Either way, so what happened was that I didn't have any visitor tracking on here and never knew about the around 100 page views/day I was getting through Google search. Once I realized this tool is actually useful for other people, I completely rewrote it from scratch, added some extra functionality and bought the domain.

Now I'm getting a steady 8k views a month and get enough donations to fully cover the hosting for all of my projects without having to put ads on the site -- so that's pretty cool :-)

Thanks again -- and thanks everyone who found this site useful!
Ross Currie — Founder, CrowdLoot
Great tool - I coincidentally found this on Google just the other day!
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