Simple Scraper

Turn any website into an API in just a few seconds.

#5 Product of the MonthDecember 2019
The easiest way to scrape the web — Simple scraper turns websites into structured data with just a few clicks.
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I'd outright pay for this if someone could build it into a Figma plugin! Unreal possibilities of pulling data into design
I guess if there's a way this could save to a Google Sheet then I could use it with Figma! The site doesn't imply I can do that, so I'm guessing I can't?
@simongabriel Hey Simon, I'm not super familiar with Figma - but I can make an integration with Google sheets. Let me have a think about the best way to implement this and I'll make it happen.
@humanismusic_ That'd be fantastic!
@simongabriel working on it now ;)
@simongabriel Hey I am going to update my plugin to work with json from Simple Scraper here is a link stay tuned!
Hey PH, Simple scraper is a tool I've created to make web scraping easy. You select the data you want, create a recipe, and about 30 seconds later you've got a URL endpoint that you can query for results. (there's JSON and CSV download options too). The idea is to turn any webpage into an API, making data extraction as simple as possible. After a month of feedback, coding and coffee I've just hit the launch button with new features like: ⚡ Scheduling: run recipes daily or hourly, or in real-time via a URL endpoint ⚡ Crawler: scrape hundreds of links using any recipe you've created Take it for a spin and let me know what you think. Hope it adds value. Peace, Mike
Awesome product! I have one question... Does it update the data (ie. in a price change) or it's only static data?
@thiago_sardim thanks Thiago! To get the latest data from a website automatically you have two options: 1. set a schedule (hourly and daily) 2. add the 'run_now=true' parameter if you're accessing the data via API
@serhat_iletir there's a quick intro guide here -, and for the API the parameters are explained on the API tab. (will create more video guides over the coming weeks)
Looks great!
I really like it, It will save us lots of time in the future