Simple Phone

A launcher that helps you focus on the more important things

Simple Phone is an Android launcher for productive people who want to focus more on important things in life.

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If you're gonna rip off someone's idea, atleast do it well? gDevice is Redmi Note 4, with MiUi 9.2 and Android version 7.0

It crashes on startup.


Great idea ripped off from


Doesn't work at all. Not even opening.

Would love to hear more about how/why this was developed, if you asked permission (or communicated with at all) the NoPhone team, etc. It doesn't work even the slightest, which makes me question it's legitimacy (and whether or not installing this is actually affecting my device negatively...). Also, 57 upvotes, any of you up-voting it get it to work? Just curious :)




Almost an exact duplicate of Also doesn't work at all.

Hey @mfogg, I'm learnt about this when it came on Product Hunt.
Now that's a rip off from Kudos to @aswinmohanme for creating the original version. These are the very few times I feel like PH needs a Downvote button too...
It does not open? Anyone else?
Hey @salkuadrat nice App. Awesome Concept, Nice UI, Nice Colors and NIce Icon. Wonder where they're from πŸ€”