Simple OKR

Track, measure and manage OKRs

Simple OKR is a SaaS product that offers simple tools for companies to manage their goals, measure, and track performance.

Needz UI huh?
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@_selcukahmet UI does need some work. Any specific things that bother you?
@tadasv maybe scoring thing...
Hi Product Hunt community! I’m Tadas, creator of Simple OKR, and I’m here to answer any questions you may have. I built Simple OKR to make tracking goals and progress simple and easy with objectives & key results. It’s built for individuals or small companies who are implementing OKR process. It lets you configure OKR cycles, check-in on each OKR and close the cycle with retrospective. All in one place so notes don’t get lost. Check it out at I’d love to receive some feedback and I’m happy to answer any questions!
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@tadasv love the idea, but the single plan pricing is kind of a bummer (imho too expensive).
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@maephisto Thanks! What would be your ideal price? Or a better question, what changes/features/improvements would make you pay current price? Other OKR products price per user/month. Typically ~$10 user/month. Here you get one price, no matter how many users you're going to have and also there won't ever be feature tiers. Current price does not favor single user accounts very much currently.
Can't really see what's going on in that GIF as it's so fast
@theashtube I slowed down the GIF a little bit. I'm going to make a walk through video per Ayush's suggestion.
Great job !! Any walk through video ,can’t understand a thing ?
@ayush_chandra Thanks! I slowed down the GIF, but unfortunately I don't have a walk through video.
@tadasv to film your video
@imsmith Thanks! I'll check it out!