Simple Grid

Responsive & lightweight CSS grid for your website.

#2 Product of the DayMay 14, 2016
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This is awesome. Very simple and lightweight. I bundled this into a Rails RubyGem - as I'm going to try it in my next project.
@notrab Hey Jamie - thanks! Love the ruby gem idea. Mind if I share this as well?
@zachacole Not a problem. Literally took 5 minutes to do this so I'll document it better and link to you more when I get time tomorrow ☺️
@jtown_ Hey Justin - Skeleton is a wonderful tool, and I used it frequently on earlier projects. I found myself quite often either not using many of the components, or re-writing them. So this is simply meant to be a boilerplate - just a grid and typography - that people can build up from.
Looks great and simple, trying this for a new site project.
@carlzeta Thanks, Carl! Glad you're liking it. If you use the grid, let me know if you have any feedback or suggestions! :)
How's the compatibility with browsers?
@kelvin___ Hey Kelvin! There shouldn't be any compatibility problems - the grid is based on pure CSS without a need for browser prefixing or anything.
How is this different from Neat, Lemonade, or Toast? Also why include the type scaffold if it's a lightweight grid? I'm never against shipping product but I might be missing what's new here. Kudos for making this and a cool landing page to explain it as well.
@twnsndco Hey Cole - thanks for the feedback. I included the typography treatment as a base since much of a grid is also dependent on vertical rhythm. Obviously people can overwrite as needed. It's not terribly different than the other tools you listed, just wanted to share what I had been using for quick landing page projects.
@zachacole Sound argument to me! Definitely good for the quick lander so you don't need to up and make another grid. The landing page here was probably perfect for it 😁