Simple Fasting

Handy intermittent fasting tracker

Simple Fasting is a handy intermittent fasting tracker.🥦⏰
You can control your fasting time and follow your progress. You can also monitor your weight loss and take notes. Everything you need in a handy way.📈
Stay healthy with Simple Fasting!🤩
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Great idea and a very useful product! How do you collect the weight data? Is it automatic collection through Apple native devices or I have to put the data manually?
@olga_kaz3k00 thank you! Right now you're adding weight info after the end of fasting. In the near future, I also plan to add sync with Apple Health.
👋 Hello Product Hunters! I’m Vladimir, maker Simple Fasting, intermittent fasting tracker. By default it using the «16/8» method. Intermittent fasting allows you to lose weight, improve your health and simplify your lifestyle. You eat for 8 hours and fasting for the next 16 hours. The app will remind you when it is time to start fasting and finish it. It also allows you to monitor weight changes and control your progress. In the settings, you can choose a different starvation fasting option that suits you best from a variety of options. All records can be viewed in analytics and you can see the highlights of the statistics. Useful notifications will not let you forget about the time when the fasting ends or when it is time to start. I will be happy to read reviews and suggestions for improving my app. Thank you!