Simple Decisions for Slack

by Simple Poll. Never let another decision get lost in Slack

Conversations and discussions thrive in Slack, but sometimes it’s hard to know when a conclusion was reached or a decision was made.
Simple Decisions keeps your team on the same page by helping you record, contextualise, and broadcast decisions in Slack.
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Hey everyone! So good to be back on Product Hunt almost 4 years after Simple Poll launched (, which has since grown to be one of the most popular Slack apps! I'm excited to share Simple Decisions with you all today, which marks the next step in Simple Poll's journey 🚀 Decisions in Slack can be a bit messy, especially in larger (100+ member) workspaces: • It's very easy to have lengthy discussions without ever coming to a conclusion • Important decisions often don't reach all those who would benefit from knowing • Decisions that do get made are quickly lost in message history Simple Decisions is here to help with some of that! • Capture decisions with /decision and make them stand out from other messages • Easily associate context (polls, links, slack messages) with a decision • All captured decisions are kept in the Decision Record. Go there to review recently made decisions or check back to recall what was decided • Introducing the concept of "following channels", which means whenever someone makes a decision in a channel you follow, you instantly get a notification (I'm super excited about this feature and its potential!) • View and search for decisions across your entire workspace using the 📍emoji • When returning to Slack after some time away, catch up on decisions effortlessly reviewing direct messages from Simple Poll and weekly digests • and of course: Quickly capture the outcome of a poll and get everyone on the same page Get started here: Can't wait to hear how you'll use Simple Decisions 🙌
Massive fan of this. Indecision is the downfall of our generation.
Could it be used with MatterMost?