Simon Says

Accurate transcription and translation for video pros

Auto transcribe and translate your audio & video in minutes and in 90+ languages with speech recognition and advanced AI (website, Mac/PC app, or on-prem solution).

Then edit the transcript like a Google doc and export it to your NLE post production software (FCP X, Adobe Premiere, Avid MC) and MS Word while preserving timecode and framerate.

Ty Shaikh
  • Pros: 

    - Affordable option to manual translation


    - Unable to transcribe technical topics - Buggy UI - Impossible to unsubscribe from billing plan

    I'm going to try something else

    Ty Shaikh has used this product for one year.
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Adam Webber
Adam Webber@adam_webber
Hey looks like a really cool product and beautiful UI. How do you handle the transcription? Are you using 3rd party libraries or is the AI completely proprietary? Thanks
Shamir Allibhai
Shamir AllibhaiMaker@theshamir · Video + AI PM. @SimonSays_AI @AmberVid
@adam_webber Thank you. A combination. For example we built our own auto-punctuation AI for certain languages.
Scott Wyden Kivowitz
Scott Wyden Kivowitz@scottwyden · Photographer / Marketing @ Imagely
I've been using Rev and Temi for a long time, so I'm intrigued and going to give this a go.
Shamir Allibhai
Shamir AllibhaiMaker@theshamir · Video + AI PM. @SimonSays_AI @AmberVid
Hi everyone. A few years ago I had a video edit where I needed to get some long (and tedious) interviews transcribed. I couldn't believe transcription was still being done by humans...slowly and expensively. So I wondered what if I apply speech rec (+ a few other AIs) to the problem and hacked together a website: it worked pretty darn well. Simon Says was born. And since inception, it has grown in number of customers and number of features. We mainly focus on video pros and we have deep integration into post production workflows to make it more efficient. Thanks for trying us out. I'd love to hear any and all feedback.