Simkl Lists is a perfect app to keep track of your favorite TV Shows, Anime, and Movies. Available as iOS, Android app and Chrome Extension.

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Thanks for hunting us @bojansavikj ! We are all very excited to be on Product Hunt today. While Simkl TV Tracker website is currently in Beta, the Simkl Lists apps are a great continuation of the service that is already good enough to be without Beta status on its own. Simkl is a TV, Anime, and Movie tracker that keeps a history of all the shows and movies you watch in one, central location. It’s a mobile app, a website, Kodi and Plex plugins, a Google Chrome extension (depending on your preference) that keeps track of everything you watch and tightly integrates with many TV apps and services like Netflix, Hulu, and Crunchyroll and Media servers. With Simkl, users can get access to their watch lists (including personalized statistics), find missed episodes, discover what’s airing next, learn which movies are currently playing in theaters, and more! The Simkl Lists apps were recently updated to include Netflix lists. You can find the best Movies on Netflix that are in your Plan to watch list or the best Netflix movies that are not in your watch lists yet, sorted by movie budget. Netflix Lists help discover so many amazing movies that you might have missed in Netflix. You can import your watch history from 9 different services, custom .csv data file or import using API at We’re still improving our iOS and Android app, and I’d love any and all feedback ;)