Learn how to paint, one grid at a time 🖌️

Simile in a nutshell:

• Think, Guitar Hero, but for art.

• If you always wanted to draw, but never could, this game is for you.

• Your score is determined by how well you draw.

• Multiple drawing tasks combine to create a masterpiece.

• Use any photo as a starting point (or one of the curated photos)

• Paint with your friends

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Hi, this is my new painting game & app for iOS. I'd love to hear what you think about it.
@cortis looks very nice, going to try it tomorrow. such a dramatic story about project creation (like living in a van). looks like a lot of people participated in project creation (developer, designer, music artist, and someone who manage all these people). what was your role in it? how much did you spend on app creation and how much do you expect to earn?
@reepush I actually did 99.5% myself, (idea, design, development, testing, marketing). Here's where I had help. I hired a designer (Alexander Deplov) to help me with screenshots and he also made some adjustments to a few icons. I hired Leonty Music for the game music. I used some licensed 3rd party libraries, stock photos, and sound effects. I solicited feedback from whoever I could find, mostly friends and family.
@cortis incredible that you did it almost by yourself. your experience shows the quality! would be interesting to read your story about the project (inspiration, technical difficulties, expectations, etc) somewhere on indie hackers. also i wasn't able to find app on apple store just by typing "simile" while "paint like a master" search showed your app. have no idea why it happened, it's russian apple store.
@reepush that's unfortunate "Simile" doesn't come up in the first search results on the Russian app store. This was happening on the U.S. store at first too but soon corrected itself. I'll look into, good idea.
It is always a nice move to digitalize basics of learning a particular skill. Hope you can monetize it
@vladkorobov yeah I hope so. That will help me be able to make more stuff.

It’s neat to see the finished product!!


Fun and exciting new concept!


I can’t find the soundtrack on iTunes!