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#1 Product of the DayMay 23, 2014
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Lots of tools out there that do something similar to this, but this one seems to do it better. Good design.
@UXFunBash Thanks :) Just saw this comment now.
@charlieirish My data shows it's getting about 2.1M uniques per month. Similar Web seems surprisingly accurate for other websites I have compared to internal data.
I think, it is more accurate then alexa. They also raised money from Earlybird ventures recently. Also, country ranking is very informative for trends.
I have used Compete, Alexa, Google Web Trends and Quantcast.. and this is what I have always wanted! Kudos!
@rrhoover is Product Hunt getting 2M visitors per month? Would be good to see how accurate this data is. Also - wow! Congrats on the growth