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Hey! I'm Eyal, SimilarTech Co-Founder and I'm glad to bring ya'll this offer, along with this opportunity to tell you a bit about SimilarTech. Everything starts in our highly-scaled crawler we developed. We use it to scan and analyse hundreds of millions of web pages per day for detecting the technologies each site is using. We display some of this data freely on our site (just hit the search box), so you can search for website to get its technologies profile, or search for a technology to get market share insights. Our plans include tools for market research, lead generation, competitive intelligence and even customers' retention. So you can create filtered customers' lists of technologies, track competitor technologies' customers in real time and track your own technology's customers (websites) behavior to decrease churn. As our name implies, we're related to SimilarWeb (also using their traffic and categorization data), but we're different, totally independant team. Sign-up freely using the exclusive offer link, and you'll be automatically granted with features and quota, for which we would usually charge $100/month! I hope you'll enjoy, please feel free to get in touch, we're always open for feedback and ideas. Thanks!
Solid product. Highly recommended.
very smart. would be powerful if you could extend that to mobile technologies (ie SDKs and more)
Thanks @ourielohayon, we're definitely considering expanding to mobile apps.
@eyal_weiss please do. some are kind of doing it: eg whatrunswhere