Similar Apps Report by TheTool (Q3 2019)

Similar Apps Visibility 2019 Q3 Report in Google Play

This report elaborated with data from TheTool gathers the TOP 10 SVRank (Similar Visibility Rank) for 10 Google Play Store categories in 15 countries.
In it, we list the 10 apps / games with the most visibility in the Similar Apps Cards during Q3 2019.
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Much of the community of mobile marketers are focused on App Store and leave Google Play aside. This document is pure gold for those who work in the Google Play Store. 10 points for the TheTool team!
@vicasins 100% agree! Thanks a million for your support and words!
We at TheTool always try to understand how ASO works. In this case, Similar Apps on the Google Play Store. Good work team! THANKS!!!