Free fundamental financial data for everyone

With SimFin we build our own dataset using machine learning to make this data available for free.


- 2000+ US companies with original and standardised statements

- Stock screener with 70+ company ratios and shareable

- Easy download of all data in your preferred format

- API to source data directly into your application

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2 Reviews5.0/5
Looking forward to your feedback!
Well done, I took a quick look at it and I think it's amazing and very easy to use, even for non-finance guys like me. Bravi!
@andrea_cerio thanks for the input, let us know how you feel about using the platform over time.

I stumbled on SimFin a few months ago and it dramatically eased my research work on US equities. Before, I'd spend time hopping between 10ks on the SEC website, but now, I'm able to see a significant swath of financial data on a particular equity in one place.


Very accessible data, free access to aggregate financials


Not full data on entire US market, Bootstrap-driven design

Hey Joel, thanks for the review. Regarding bootstrap, what do you see as the best alternative?
The concept of producing new data in the fintech space is interesting and grabbed my attention. I think one of the biggest challenges in user adoption will be developing trust as a fintech informational site that relies on proprietary algorithms and wiki style user input vs Morningstar, etc. Something that you will inevitably work thru. My other feedback is to consider giving the stock screener a more prominent position on the homepage, either rotating with the copy in the top (hero) module above the fold or having it pop more in the header. Seeing SimFin in action and the dashboards you’ve created are as, or more, powerful than simply copy describing it. Best of luck!
@lisalamb2 thank you Lisa. We really appreciate the input and will definitely take it into consideration for further iterations. Trust is clearly a topic that needs to be created over time. As of now the majority of the data is cross-checked by the SimFin team to make sure it’s correct as well as to make sure our algorithms for standardization are working their best. Also we will definitely implement the change regarding the stockscreener visibility.