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Build the metropolis of your dreams (iOS and Android)

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Julia Kramarenko
  • Julia Kramarenko
    Julia KramarenkoHR, Nevermind

    very amazing games, gave a rest


    I want it for PC

    I recommend it for hard-working people

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Tyler Hayes
Tyler Hayes@thetylerhayes · Bebo
The world needs more of this. Also a SimTower remake. Definitely more SimTower.
Erin Alexa
Erin Alexa@erin_alexa_ · Proud Chicagoan.
I'm on level 16 at the moment. The game has great graphics.
Holly@taispy · General Manager, Taiwan Startup Stadium
@erin_alexa_ Agreed on the graphics. I like the changing daylight effects. Hard to believe how far graphics have come since the first SimCity. Gameplay is a bit complex, though, and the pricing scheme for facilities seems poorly planned. Clearly the goal is to get people to spend real money, but it seems like most people will just lose patience before they get to the point of considering in-app purchases.
Erin Alexa
Erin Alexa@erin_alexa_ · Proud Chicagoan.
@taispy agreed... the cost of buildings in particular is just too high.. At least in my home I bet we're done playing this by the new year.
Erin Alexa
Erin Alexa@erin_alexa_ · Proud Chicagoan.
SimTower was the best.
Anthony V
Anthony V@fascinated · Founder, Hype Machine
SimCity built like Farmville with all the same mechanics. While the graphics are great, can't really play this much without feeling the manipulative game currency patterns. :(
Arpit Rastogi
Arpit Rastogi@arpit_rastogi
Been playing this game for 4 years keeps me engaged and helps me during the breaks. I am at 47 level at the moment. I like the regions feature. May be something to work on war feature.