Unparalleled AI home security camera

#3 Product of the DayFebruary 01, 2019

SimCam adopts the Intel deep learning VPU, it can recognize reappearing faces, distinguish between human intruder and pet movement without triggering false alarm. With local storage, it does not only save you from Cloud service fees, but also facilitating data analysis, most importantly, your privacy is guaranteed.

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Great job!! 😊 Will check it out.
The comparison table on the kickstart pages says "Mechanical Pan"... does that mean I can control the camera's panning remotely? The words mechanical pan are never used again in the entire page. There's no details about the pan at all... If you could remotely pan this camera... it would indeed be a game changer.. otherwise it offers what other cameras already have. Plus.. the night vision screenshot looks pretty grainy... my Nest and Arlo camera has better night vision than that.
@tostartafire You control the SimCam to pan via our app (just tap left or right arrow on the screen literally), and the pan will also activate automatically when there is an event triggered.
@tostartafire And the photo you saw on Kickstarter is screen capture, we use Sony 5MP CMOS which is better than 1-2MP from the others.
@fab_chan Does the camera actually moves or is this a digital pan? (zooming in)
@tostartafire The SimCam will move (as a video show on project page) when there is an event triggered the SimCam, e.g.: If you preset the SimCam need to record a video clip when there is people passing by. Or you can use the app on phone control it to move.
@fab_chan can you talk about the security of this device? Ever since Ring was caught having humans watching feeds to train AI I feel pretty hesitant to trust any company that uses "AI facial recognition" as a selling point.
@jordankrueger For the AI training of SimCam, it will analyse and store locally, that’s why it won’t cause a privacy concerns for your side.

ik moet het nog steeds testen




ik weet niet

Nicee product!!