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Hi everybody, I'm KJ. I built Simbi to solve my own problem. As a small business owner I used to do half of my income in trade -- it was a magical experience that completely transformed my quality of life. And yet, when I wanted to trade for a specific service (getting my hair done), no hairstylist had ever walked through my door. With Simbi, we're trying to expose you to a creative universe of opportunities to exchange your skills for real-world experiences and value. Looking forward to your feedback!
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@kjer how do you earn from this?
@menjvillalobos how do you monetize? I think Reddit Gold might be a decent comp to give you an idea of how it could be done.
@menjvillalobos we don't right now as we focus on getting the experience right and building the network.
@kjer Love LOVE this idea! Can't wait to test drive it. Really curious how you'll monetize. No matter what you're gonna max out on karma points for sure
@kjer @menjvillalobos - seems like you could just siphon off a simbi from each transaction and use your own system to "monetize" :)
Hey Product Hunt! Simbi is a network for bartering services. I love it because it allows anyone with a talent or side-hustle to earn credits that you can use to get things like artwork, fitness training, or graphic design you otherwise couldn't afford. Check it out!
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Simbi is flat out amazing. It levels the playing field, allowing my experiences and unique talents to carry its fair weight, something that is extremely difficult to define without Simbi. Even better than that, it allows me to trade for completely new experiences I would have not otherwise tried. Please keep up the great work team Simbi!
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@dan_barabander thank you Daniel! Keep in touch as you have further feedback.
A lot of the services on Simbi would actually cost lots of money, really excited to see how this spreads. What's the craziest exchange you've seen so far @kjer?
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@panashemahachi oh there are so many! One story I love is a guy who booked a Latin translation service, and used it to translate exorcism spells for a ghost who was too old to respond to English.
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Learned about Simbi a few weeks ago and I've been in love since. Awesome community, and you simply cannot find the services people are offering anywhere else.
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@nick_alexander thanks So much for your support!