From outer space to your underwear drawer. Sustainable organic boxers, socks and t-shirts. No stink or sweat. Kills 99,9% of bacteria. The world's most comfortable, versatile and technologically advanced underwear. Fighting bacteria, regulating temperatures and reducing sweat.

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Hello Product Hunters, I am Alexander and one of the co-founders of Organic Basics. We are super excited and honored to be featured on Product Hunt today. We have been researching and developing for more than a year now on how to bring you a line of basic apparel that actually matters to the modern man. Based on material previously used in space suits have we created what we believe is the world's most comfortable, versatile and advanced underwear named Silvertech. By working with natural elements such as pure silver and organic cotton, we've created a fabric that enhances the capabilities of your skin. We are bringing you a product that: - Eliminates 99,9% of all bacteria. - Naturally regulates temperature to reduce sweat - Creates a better blood circulation. - Keeps you fresh and odorless all day - all week. We are currently live on Kickstarter - and have been featured on everything from Wired to Ars Technica. Please check it out and we are open to all of your feedback :) And in regards to AMA, we'll be available all day to answer your questions that might occur e.g.: Q: "Can I wear these for a week non-stop?" A: "Absolutely. It will even keep you free from typically bad smell, sweat and kill bacteria that might have occurred ! ;)" Thanks for being amazing, ProductHunt.
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@hellohereisalex Hi Alexander That your product sounds awesome 👍 And congrats on the launch and the initial press coverage, that's impressive 😻
@doefler Thanks a bunch! Much appreciated. The press coverage so far has been truly amazing! We are bit overwhelmed as well! :)
@hellohereisalex thanks! But I prefer changing underwear at least once a day 😝 cool product though!
@hellohereisalex Denmark represent! Good to see a danish (even Aarhusianian) product on here. Best of luck!
@thekarlsen Thanks a bunch for your feedback! :) Happy with the local support!!
@hellohereisalex this sounds great! If the product delivers on its promises, this could be a BIG THING for people in physical occupations and for anyone exercising. You actually convinced me to make my first ever Kickstarter pledge. 🙌
@mrolovsson Thanks a million for your support. This really means everything to us! You are spot on - we created this product as we see there is great potential when looking at the active, modern man. Pure silver is a metal that can naturally be extracted from mother earth. There are no artificial chemicals in our 99.99% pure silver, and it's of course nontoxic. Of all metals known to mankind, silver is known for being the most efficient reflector as well as the best electrical-,and thermal conductor. But most importantly silver is known for its oligodynamic effect; a biocidal effect that controls microbial growth and kills bacteria with silver ions. This makes the fabric extremely effective when looking into people who are exercising or having physical occupations.
Wow - This is really cool :-) I need to back the project on Kickstarter! It's impressive that you have already reached your goal. I wish you the best of luck.
@anders_artboost_cederholm Thanks a bunch for your support! So far it's been one hell-of-a-fun-ride - and we are really amazed by all the 777 backers from more than 24 countries supporting our journey! Thanks again!
That's a change in something you never expected to change!
@leonfhl Thanks a bunch, Leon. Our dream is to develop and create products that are always challenging the industry and at the same time always minimizing the impact our production and products have on the environment!
Amazing! :D I'm really looking forward to test the products myself!! And it doesn't hurt to feel a bit like an astronaut while doing it ;)
@mikkel_steen Exactly! Who doesn't want to feel like an astronaut? :)