SilverSocks Crew

The world's cleanest odorless crew socks

SilverSocks Crew 🧦 is world's cleanest odorless crew sock. Made with Silver.

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Wow 😮 that gif. How’d you do that?
@krystalcasey Glad you like it, I converted part of the video to a Gif.
Hey Hunters, We're back with the much anticipated SilverSocks Crew. Keep your feet comfortable and clean all day long when you wear the ultra-clean SilverSocks. Unlike other socks on the market that use silver ions, the SilverSocks use threaded silver and as a result, the silver doesn’t wash out meaning they perform better for longer. With the use of silver, the SilverSocks actually sterilize over 650 types of bacteria. Likewise, this eliminates odors to keep your feet smelling fresh. At the top is a gentle cuff to help promote circulation while the trapezium toes mean you can wear either sock on either foot. Thanks to breathable vents, SilverSocks also regulate heat. Finally, the reinforced heel and cushioned sole offer all the comfort you need. In layman’s terms: your feet will be their absolute comfiest and freshest for the entire day. Available in three custom fit-like sizing, the SilverSocks also come in three stylish and modern colors. Drop a comment if you have any questions.
I have the Y socks but they’re horrible very uncomfortable and abrasive in the inside. I hope these are better because I just backed you.
@blakehendrix I am not familiar with the Y Socks but I can tell you that the SilverSocks are probably the most comfortable socks you'll ever wear. The Cotton or Merino paired with the Circulation Cuff make them extra comfy.
These look soo comfortable, do you have any other colors?
@brettvavra They're available in Blue, Black and Grey
Who's bright idea was it to use precious metals on a sock 🙄 the world amazes me.
@leemacdonald2 Silver is used widely for killing bacteria so it was only right that we get rid of the bacteria on your feet with it