Anti-bacterial socks made with real silver

SilverSocks are Incredibly comfortable premium quality socks that eliminate odor, stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

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Silver in socks? What a waste of resources.
@olekeding Does that mean you are getting rid of your phone and laptop? If so, I’ll send you my address. 😉
@olekeding Hey, it's not a waste of resources if it doesn't need washing them for a week. That's going to save you plenty, as well as replacing your entire sock drawer with a handful of socks. You'll be saving time and money!
@stephenchip Won't it be an even bigger waste of resources to send them to you? haha you should ask if you can go and pick them up.
@raja__umar Hey, comparing using water and cotton vs silver doesn't match up. So I'm still not convinced.
@stephenchip That doesn't mean I don't buy silver products - but product-lifetime, usefulness, recycling ability and so are important factors for me.
Hey guys, These are the SilverSocks. They started out as a pet project of mine and here's how it went. It was only after I found out about silver lined plasters, you know those ones that help you heal faster, that I began to explore the other ways Silver could be used. I had a few pairs of no show socks that were annoying me, they would slip down, wouldn't stop by feet sweating and the worst was, they were made out of cheap nylon. Combining the solutions to my problems with the all new silver technology, me and the team at BeClothed built the world's most hygienic no show socks! We found a way to have the silver woven into the cotton so it is effectively stitched through and through the sock. Here is a brief overview of the socks - The Silver kills all bacteria from your feet so your feet stay smelling fresh - Wear one pair for a whole week before washing (ideal for camping and outdoor events) - Contains Pure Silver, there really is no substitute for it - Has an all round elastane ring to stop the socks falling down - Features grilled upper to prevent sweating - Has reinforced underside to cushion your feet - .. and there's more, just check the project! If you'd like to grab a pair, our project page can tell you all you need to know. As a bonus, we're currently running Kinja deals of most of our rewards so you can stock up without paying any mark up! Let me know if you have any questions, I'll be here as much as I can throughout the day (and night, as I'm in England) Best, Umar BeClothed

Very good


Odourless and comfortable



These look a lot simpler than the other "silver socks" that I've seen, but they do seem well-made and I assume the pricing will be competitive to other manufacturers. I'm an admirer of technical apparel love what Lululemon has been doing with this technology. Any plans to take this beyond the feet?
@aaron_michael Hi Aaron, We were working more along the theme of a gradual change toward better socks which is why we didn't take the approach to use whacky colours as it would put off a lot of people. We want this to be more of the type of thing that benefits you without you really knowing, and at the same time saving you a lot of time (it's really difficult some mornings to find the right pair) The design might look simple but if you look into the campaign you'll see all the thought we put into every part.
Cool! Is that really odourless?
@serj8846 yes, it kills the bacteria which normally feed on the sweat and perfect conditions of your feet. It also wicks sweat which prevents the sweat in the first place.