Salesforce for financial data

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Hi Hunters, This is Anabel, and you don’t know me. You also don’t know the troubles accountants and financial consultants face. You think they have it easy, happily munching away on tasty numbers all day. Reality is very different. They are bombarded with data from a gazillion tools. It comes at them from every corner. Even if you’ve never been in the same room with an accountant, they deserve your help. In today’s day and age, nobody should suffer from Too Much Tech. Silverfin is a nice and smooth platform accountants plug all their tools into. The bombarding stops. The smooth data processing starts. Help an accountant out. Who else is going to let the good times roll? And if you’ve got questions, just ask me. You don’t know me, but I know Silverfin.
Silverfin is a SaaS application for accountants. It replaces hard to maintain Excel sheets with a clean and easy to use web application. Data is automatically synchronized from the accounting app. Templates can be maintained and updated globally for the whole accounting firm. We automate the repetitive tasks so the accountant can spend more time on analysing the data and advising their client.
Interesting concept! What is the story behind Silverfin and the idea behind it?
@ryabrams We've been in the news today as our Series A funding got published. The article at Index Ventures has a short writeup of our history and where we are going.
@ryabrams thanks for asking! The story of Silverfin reads like a fairytale. There are 2 protagonists. Joris, an accountant. And Tim, a Ruby on Rails developer. Their paths couldn't be further from each other. Young Joris updates Excel sheets all day long, in a large accounting firm. Although he likes the idea of helping entrepreneurs out and giving sound business advice, the despises having to manually update numbers in Excel, in accounting software, in Word... and he hates the inevitable mistakes even more. Tim, on the other hand, has the Coding Itch, and simply want to build something himself. Something good, something the world needs. He's in love. Actually in love with the sheer simplicity and elegance of Ruby. But he feels his creative powers are not adequately put to use at work. And then. One magical evening. The 2 un-kindred souls meet. And, bystanders still talk about it, there are sparks. They understand each other. Next thing you know, they've given up their comfortable jobs. Tim codes day and night. Joris drives around in a beat up old car and visits a thousand accounting agencies. They all have the same frustration he had in the job. And so it goes, and Silverfin is built. With massive feedback from the first users. If it would end in a wedding, they'd be the bridesmaids. But it didn't end in a wedding, it resulted in a product that was profitable even before the kind people at Index Ventures opened up their treasure chest :-)
@andruby Thanks Andrew. Good luck.
@anabel_de_vetter Hahah "opened their treasure chest" LOL. That was a lot cooler of a story than I was expecting!! Best of luck team!