Manage consumables. Order automatically & track deliveries

Silo is the tool to manage consumables, order automatically, and track deliveries, so you never run out of essential stuff. Built for small businesses that make things, sell things and do things.
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Hey Product Hunters! Silo is the first public software product from Farm.One - a unique vertical farm in New York. We built Silo because we couldn’t find a simple, affordable system out there to help us manage all the products we buy and use from different vendors. We've been using Silo for several months internally - we order stuff like nutrients, seeds, growing media and packaging for our farm. If you've ever run a physical business before, you'll know that production can grind to a halt if you don't have essential raw materials. Silo has honestly made life a lot easier and helped us to avoid running out of essential things. If you're familiar with the space, you might think "What makes this different to the ERP systems and other inventory systems on the market?". Great question. We found that for a small company like ours, ERP systems were overkill, and forced us to work in a certain way. Having something simpler, that would work with mobile, and plug in easily to the vendors we bought from, worked way better for us. Is Silo suitable for all businesses? No! It's really designed for smaller makers, growers, doers - teams of between 1-15 people. We'd love you to try the product, so we've opened up a free trial of our basic plan. Enjoy!