A remarkably simple one-touch connected vacuum system πŸ₯‘

Silo is a revolutionarily simple vacuum-sealing container system that keeps your food fresher, longer. Its patented one-touch vacuum technology combined with the IoT infrastructure (Alexa built-in!) ensures your farmers market finds and holiday leftovers last 2-5 times longer.

Eric xie
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    easy to use and this is very good for who take food from here to there.




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This is gorgeous design, UX looks effortless as well. And I love the integration with Alexa. Seems like it'd be genuinely helpful, especially as I try to cut back on takeout. πŸ˜… How long did the prototyping process take for this? Are these production units in the video?
@daniellawhon Hi Daniel, We are reiterating on prototypes for almost three years, as engineers it was the first thing we did. We reach a point where the design had been optimized for manufacturing, and we run a pilot with a community of unmoderated testers in the US with amazing results. The containers are already in initial production tooling, and the base units were hand assembled by us and already in the process of delivery to the manufacturing factory.
@tallapidot Cool! Thanks for sharing. Best of luck with the launch :)
I was with you until the Alexa integration. Then you lost me.
Wow!!!! I'm really happy about this!
Looks really simple and easy. Great job!