Pomodoro timer, designed for Apple Watch

With distractions all around, I set out to build a product that empowers you to pause everything and focus on the moment. Focusing for a period of time and taking short breaks in between (pomodoro method), combined with the haptics of the Apple Watch, allowed me to design and develop an experience I'm proud of... Enjoy!

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Smart idea, @cherubsta. One of my teammates, @rstankov, practices the pomodoro technique and has an Apple Watch. Might be useful, Rado!
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@rstankov @rrhoover thanks Ryan! I know there are a handful of iPhone apps that do this, but having it on your WATCH gives it a nice touch. Like having someone tap you on the wrist and say, "hey get back to work".
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@cherubsta @rrhoover I'm definitely downloading and trying it
Happy to answer any questions about SILO, including the focus method, design and development of the app. Also, just dropped the App Store price by 50%, for you product hunters, enjoy.
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This is exactly what I need! Beautiful app. Thank you!
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@jenifer_ever Thank you, that means a lot!
I like the idea, if there's a way to hide the face while I'm doing my pomodoro. Otherwise, it seems a bit distracting to have something moving on my wrist while I'm trying to focus on my work. Perhaps that's more of an issue if you're a programmer (like me) than others, but... you definitely need that option in there. Is it in there now?
@unseenthings So, the face is automatically hidden when you lower your wrist, as the watch sleeps. It's not a proper "watch face" in that sense, since Apple is yet to allow third party watch faces.
@cherubsta I gotcha. That does sound useful. I knew they wouldn't allow watch faces, but I haven't messed with the SDKs in a while, so I wasn't sure if it was always on or not, but you answered that.